Writing Album: happiest boy alive

"happiest boy alive" is about the awkward cusp between the last days of teenagehood and the first moments of adulthood. The sad parts, the breakthroughs of happiness, the days I felt like I had everything, and the days I couldn't get out of bed. But above else, this album is about the relationships I made along the way: the friends who keep me going at 4 a.m., the homeless woman who waited for me at the bus stop every Wednesday for a coffee date, and the people who make life worth living and trying for.

1. Masochist

2. To All the Boys I'll Ever Love

3. My Monster Best Friend

4. Ma Ba, Can We Talk: The East Asian dinner table conversation and what it says about mental health

5. Belonging: A Letter to my fellow Yalies

6. That Feeling With So Much Color

7. tbh