Hi Yale juniors! Ecstatic, grateful, and humbled to be your class president this year.

Statement of Candidacy: 

I am a change-maker, and that is the only thing I want people to remember about me.

My superpower lies in being able to command the attention, love and respect of a crowd — especially the administration — without raising an ounce of my actual voice. My writing serves as a medium to not only hold myself accountable, but also push for the necessary reforms that strengthen and color student life. Having had extensive experiences navigating Yale’s dense institution this past year on both the student government and paper, I identify issues and fulfill promises before people make them.

As class president, I am raising the bars for music and dance, the only two things I have no filter for. My team’s public social calendar, updated every week, will feature the most expansive collection of events happening at Yale and New Haven; you can expect weekly emails featuring student playlists selected from Music Taste contests; FGLI students will gain access to comprehensive explanations of financial aid policies; and juniors will be provided a document of impending fellowship, internship and academic deadlines. I am planning on hosting a campus-wide scavenger hunt of stuffed plushies you get to keep, an accessible prom that ends in the selection of the grade’s sweetheart and Crown Prince, and depressing biweekly study sessions with slightly less depressing food, Lofi remixes and games.

Partnerships with local businesses and shops, which I have had the pleasure of building relationships with, will mean deals on special days with that special someone. A tote bag sale will bring you accessories with the most awkward quotes. Karaoke nights in residential colleges will afford a glimpse into the most insane side of your peers. Performances by student groups will get more advertisement.

This past year, my writing, along with the incredible efforts of my colleagues, has fed FGLI students like myself over spring break, pushed administration to stand in solidarity with Iranian protesters and made confusing University policies transparent. This summer, I will have the pleasure of working in FGLI and Title IX policy alongside politicians in D.C., continuing my love for helping students like you and I.

I often find myself taking the backseat to let a whole community shine, and I stand by that decision. I am not someone who easily gets upset, I remember only the best parts about people and little stresses me. I am usually a more reserved, awkward person, and I will work through that and make every effort to make myself an accessible resource to you all, but I want you all to own the show next year by being the funnest and most unapologetic versions of yourselves. I want you to win. I will fight for you, whether a challenge necessitates my silence or my everything.

On voting day, choose me to represent you as your next Junior class president. I will not disappoint. I will give my 125% — and 125% from Brian Zhang is a lot. It is more than anything in the world.


1. Restaurant deals with local businesses, New Haven and Yale events calendars, internship databases

2. Recreational events: The Bridgerton Ball (alcoholic event), Dark Academia Sterling Memorial Library Study Break

3. Open Letter to encourage Yale to adopt bird-friendly building models

4. Rose UP Fundraiser with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.